dimanche 17 juin 2012

ALIVE!!!But who cares?

God damn I have a blog!!!Totally forgot about it.Let's see what happen since 2011....well it is 2012 now and I've been on a art break for awhile now...lazy you say?NO just busy with life.I am a full time tattoo artist now in a not so big town.Art wise it's hard to make a living...people don't get my style.They made me lost my self someway....somehow.Sure I got new work to show...but then I feel lost and I am trying to find my self again.I am planning a art show now...So expect to see some painting very soon.

dimanche 24 avril 2011

Sweet Angel

my second Angel girl EVER!!!Not a bigg fan of angels
And a religious BUTT!!!

Devil Girls

this one well I don't know mgiht not make the cut...we'll see...
Now that's a keeper will color it in the weeks to come...more demons to come...

the OctoPussy

This sketch is based on traditional japanese tattoo design.The ink will be put on this week.

Here we go...

Hi folks...well if anyone follows that blog anyway??!!.I will try to update weekly.Here you will find my lastest art work in digital and traditional media and also my daily sketches.